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You are the weight. Change the way you train, look and feel!
In the TRX suspension workout your body is the machine and your core is always activated! The TRX suspension system workouts will strengthen your entire core, lengthen and strengthen all of your muscles, increase your flexibility and increase your fitness level! This hard core training focuses on the missing link in all of our daily movements as we learn how to make connection with the core and all body movements. It's not just a class, it's a lifestyle change!

New to TRX Suspension Training? Take this class first! A 101 guide on Suspension and Rip Training with 5 strap length adjustments, 6 body positions and a 30 min baseline workout. This small-group, complimentary class will teach you about our premise: movement based training and our system. 
You will learn the movements and how to focus on them, find your level of progression, apply the right training load and finally challenge your goals. You will finish feeling confident to jump in to any class on the schedule.



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