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A Power Pump class is really beneficial to those starting out in the world of fitness as it’s where attendees will learn the right techniques for the basic moves associated with lifting barbells and plates. Not only can it accommodate beginners it is also challenging for experienced gym goers. A Power Pump session includes a skilled instructor teaching an entire class proper lifting methods using barbells and plates incorporating sets & reps for each muscle group being worked accompanied by high energy motivating music that will really get your heart ‘pumping’! The class provides a fun and upbeat environment to exercise in.
What this class is great for:

This class is designed to firm, tone, strengthen and define all the muscles in your body. This full-body workout can help you burn calories, decreases body fat and all the while targeting multiple muscle groups at once. Find the next Power Pump class at your local Better Leisure Centre where you could enjoy a challenging new workout.
Who can take part:

The great thing about a Power Pump class is that instructors can accommodate all fitness levels, so it really doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned exerciser - everyone can work out together. Power Pump classes draw a crowd of young and old, male & female, making it an ideal fitness class for all.
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