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Aero Dance - Free Style

An easy level for beginners and intermediate persons with a taste of aerobic choreograph with a sense of dance.
Plus floor work, focusing on abs and glutes.

Hip - Hop

Hip hop originates from the streets of America. It`s an expression of experiences though dance.
This class will set your mind and body free.

Power Abs & Glutes

An hour challenging program, giving you the body you deserve.

Power Step - Step & fun - Step to the Bit

A class for STEP lovers with our advanced but not compleyed choreography. A program increasing your endurance & strenght.

Body Conditioning

An hour`s full body workout, training legs, back, chest, shoulders, arms, abs, increasing muscular endurance.
Specialy made for people who cannot spend many hours in the gym. is the faster way to fitness.

Kick Boxing - Kata Box

An energizing cardio Kick-Box program emphasiing technique & endurance. Also a good way of training abs, glutes & shoulders.


A revolutionary class, concentrating on the stomach, spine & brething.
It tones and gives bether posture.


Gives you ability to increase endurance but also strenght your legs and giving you the lean appearance.

Aqua Aerobics

A program with a combination of exercises in the water for the beginers & advanced.


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